On one year…

It’s been a year since I began writing Friend of Marilyn™. I was reluctant to begin a blog; concerned over starting something that may just flail about in the wind and echo in the silent vastness of cyberspace. I began my Tumblelog with joy – I appreciated the medium and found its affordances to be useful. Starting this blog, however, was undertaken with caution and low expectations.


A year later, I am glad that I am blogging. It allows me another venue to share my thoughts (because they *are* that important) and an easy way to direct people to my work online. There are other online venues too: my Academia.edu page provides a FB of sorts for my academic endeavours, my YouTube channel provides a way to showcase my work in the media in a single location, my podcast on iTunes allows for people around the world to listen to my radio show, and my Facebook page encourages social networking and connectivity.


I am grateful, if a little overwhelmed, that in the year since my blog started I have also been invited to regularly contribute to The Conversation, an online magazine in Australia, and Swamp Thing, an upcoming online magazine in New Zealand. I find that each avenue provides an opportunity to present a difference voice and to focus on different things. In this blog, it’s me as a fat person – in my Tumblelog, it’s me as a fat feminist – in The Conversation, it’s me as an fat academic – in Swamp Thing,  it’s a deliciously snarky mix of all three.


I’ve been thinking a lot about these different incarnations of myself – and the different identities I hold. How they intersect, how they strengthen each other, and how they weaken each other.


I’ve thought a lot of about the intersection of my scholarship and my activism. In many ways these intertwine and bolster each other. I think about how my activism makes me a better scholar. And how my scholarship makes me a better activist.


But then I think about the ways that these trouble each other.


How do I fail as an academic because I am an activist?


How do I fail as an activist because I am an academic?


I’m still working through this – and I’m open to anyone who wants to help me figure it out. Maybe I’ll make even more complicated by writing more about it…But, write what? A blog? A piece in The Conversation? An article for a peer reviewed journal? Hmmmm…..


Anyway, on this first anniversary – I want to say ‘Thanks’ to those that read, and the twenty who subscribe! I appreciate your support – and I will work to continue to deserve it.