On having a fatlicious year

I will surround myself with positive representations of fat bodies (e.g., The Adipositivity Project, fat positive Tumblrs).

I will not watch movies and televisions show that cash in on fat hate. This means no ‘Biggest Loser’, no ‘Embarassing Fat Bodies’, no ‘Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition’, and no ‘Glee’.

I will wear clothes that make me feel good about myself, my identity, and my body.

I will not sit quietly while those around me in engage in fat phobic conversations.

I will seek out spaces – or create them – that are safe and celebratory of fat bodies.

I will hide friends on Facebook who post fat hate or fat shaming material on their wall.

I will appreciate & promote the work of fat activists who inspire me (e.g., Kath Read, Ragen Chastain,Red No3, Lesley Kinzel).

I will unfollow those who tweet anti-fat, pro-weight loss, or body shaming, material.

I will not think or say hateful things about my body and its capabilities.

I will work to ignore those who tell me that I’m taking up too much space in this world to be worthy.