On fat activism in the Web 2.0 age

On 22 August, I’m hosting a workshop on how to use Web 2.0 to promote your activism. It’s a subject I am passionate about, and have been thinking about for years. (It dovetails nicely with my interest in how scholars may use Web 2.0 tools to disseminate their research and build a profile as a public intellectual). I’ve actually written about using Web 2.0 as a fat activist in a book chapter for the soon published, The Politics of Size: Perspectives from the Fat-Acceptance Movement (Praeger Publishing). If you’re interested in attending my workshop, it’s not too late to sign up! Register here

It is part of a larger Fat Activism Conference being hosted by Ragen Chastain (of Dances with Fat) and Jeanette DePattie (Fat Chick Sings). This conference is going to be an amazing three days with 40 speakers. (And it’s only $39USD) If you’re not able to participate in real time, registered participants will also have access to recorded materials. (And I heard there may be a virtual goody bag!)

You may check out a full schedule here. The variety in topics being covered is staggering, to be honest. There are lot of familiar faces in the line-up (like Marilyn Wann, Linda Bacon, Virgie Tovar, and Lynn McAfee), and lots of ones I’m not familiar with as well. I’m excited to ‘meet’ so many new people!

I’m most excited about the panels around intersectionality. They look fantastic, and I’m always keen to learn ways that I can do my fat activism in more inclusive ways. I’m a little disappointed to not see more men (cis or trans) on the programme, and I wish there were more speakers from outside the US. But I’m still uber excited about the three days and I hope you will all register to attend as well!