On Fatlicious Holiday Gift Giving 2015

Tis the season to spoil those you love, and yourself, with some fatlicious gifts. Below is my guide to fatlicious shopping for the 2015 holiday season.

Must haves

Adipositivity Calendar

The Adipositivity Project 2016 calendar


Bellies are badass

Bellies are badass tote from Kirsty Winters


For the stocking

Back Fat Patch

Back Fat is Bitchin patch


Love your body sticker

Start a revolution: Love your body sticker


Body Sizism ZIne

Body Image & Sizeism Issue

Cosmic Cuties Zine

Cosmic Cuties Against Fatphobia


For the reader


Dietland by Sarai Walker



Dumplin by Julie Murphy


Fat girls

Things no one will tell fat girls by Jes Baker


For the new activist 

Body Image Activism Kit

Body Activism Kit



Body Positive Zone Poster from NaglonaPositiveShop


For the fatshionista

Cupcake Dress

The Convertible Cupcake Dress from Ready to Stare



Faux leather trim double cloth jacket from eShakti


For the scholar


Fat sex: New directions in theory and activism from Ashgate (Eds Helen Hester & Caroline Walters)


Fat Activism

Fat activism: A radical social movement by Charlotte Cooper (pre-order for Jan 2016)


For all of us!

Glorfying obesity bags

Glorifying Obesity Merchandise from Rachele Cateyes


Merit Badges

Rad Fatty Merit Badges from Stacy Bias


Girth Guides

Girth Guides by Natalie Perkins

Newly added!


Fattitude Empowerment Kit



Digital Portrait from Murder of Goths

Chubby Legs

Chubby legs brooch from Fancy Lady Industries


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