On #FATFEB 2021

The lgo

#FATFEB is a grassroots neighbourhood arts festival dedicated to radical fat body sovereignty, according to its website. Organized by Creative Director Amy Lautogo, #FATFEB2021 had a range of activities including an art exhibit, a Talanoa, life drawing, and a podcast. #FATFEB2020 organiser, Ema Tavola, was the producer for this year’s facilities and her gallery, Vunilagi Vou, was the location of many of the activities.

I was lucky to be an invited guest to the Fat Babe Pool Party, part of #FATFEB 2020, so I was definitely going to attend the 2021 festivities. Being located in a different part of the country meant that I could not attend the entire suite of events, but after taking a look at my schedule and the festivities, I decided to travel to Auckland for the weekend (my first plane trip post CV19!)

During my time in South Auckland, I was able to explore the PUSSY FAT exhibit. The exhibit “is a commitment to embodied resistance, a cheeky war cry to unite, fight for and beam body sovereignty, and sex positivity, and consider the gallery as a safe space to gather, reflect, find peace and community”. It featured work from Sara Moana and Ema Tavola, and I bought a delightful print of a fat woman from Sara Moana to add to my growing collection.

I also attended the FATFEB Talanoa. The Talanoa was facilitated by the Creative Director of #FATFEB2021, Amy Laugoto. On the Fale, fat activists Meagan Kerr, MahMah Timoteo, and Siobhan Tumai, joined her in conversation about social media, fatness, Brownness, and more. The discussion was lovely, and the yard of Vunilagi Vou was full. I laughed a lot, and cried a little, and enjoyed being in a space where Indigenous fatness was centred.

I really enjoyed the events I attended at #FATFEB, and am already looking forward to 2022!