A media guide

This page is for those in the media, specifically the New Zealand media.

The New Zealand media does not know how to report on issues related to fatness and fat people.

  1. Do learn how to write about fatness outside the context of health.
  2. Do drop the idea that balance requires you to have a medical professional involved in every piece about fatness. If you are writing about fat people not having equal protection under the law in New Zealand, that does not necessitate a comment from a medical doctor about the health of fat people.
  3. Do consider that in stories about fatness and fat people, you may want to talk to a fat person or two and include their perspective.
  4. Do embrace the “F” word in your reporting.
  5. Do not use images of headless fatties in your work. It dehumanises fat people and allows others to objectify us. It lets people look at the image of the bulging abdomen and think of it as less than human; it definitely does not promote empathy and respect. Give us our heads. Use the following FREE repositories:
    1. https://www.navabi.co.uk/stock-photos/
    2. https://canweallgo.com/plus-size-stock-photos/
  6. Do not repeat the falsehood that New Zealand is the third fattest country in the world. It is not. It is not even in the top ten. It *is* the third in the OECD, but that is not the same as the world, no matter what white men in the Global North want to believe.