Fat Studies MOOO

Welcome to the information page for the Fat Studies MOOO.


The Fat Studies MOOO[1] is a newly launched massive online open offering hosted by Friend of Marilyn. The intention is to provide an accessible space for those interested to come together and learn and engage around a Fat Studies topic. The MOOO will allow for global advancement of the Fat Studies discipline through an innovative methodology/technology to enhance scholars, researchers, and activists, working in this space. It will also allow for increased public engagement with Fat Studies research and related societal issues for fat people. This will improve social welfare, and enhance the quality of life for fat people across the world.


Each MOOO will feature a specific topic, made clear to those being invited to attend as participants. An appropriate guest scholar will be invited to present on the topic as well as suggest 3 pieces of material on the topic for participants to consume before the MOOO. Each MOOO will be 2hrs long on a specified day and time (as agreed upon between the facilitator and the guest scholar), hosted in Zoom. Each MOOO will be recorded, and edited versions of the MOOOs may be shared or hosted online in a repository at a later date (or used in a more traditional MOOC in the future).


The materials suggested by the guest scholar shall be a range of academic texts (such as journal articles or book chapters), videos, podcasts, blogs, online articles, etc. Each guest scholar is responsible for suggesting the material for their MOOO, and this information must be provided to the MOOO facilitator at least two weeks before the scheduled MOOO.


Each MOOO will cost $5USD to be paid via PayPal. For anyone interested in attending but unable to meet the financial cost, a scholarship will be made available by the facilitator. The offering fee will go towards the guest scholar honorarium of $100USD, as paid by the facilitator  through PayPal.



Responsibility of the facilitator

Before the MOOO: Cat will invite the guest scholars, promote the MOOO, arrange for the Zoom classroom, manage the registration list, ensure the participants have the materials before the MOOO, and

During the MOOO: Cat will introduce the guest scholar and invite the participants to introduce themselves and share why they are attending the MOOO. Cat will facilitate discussion when necessary.

After the MOOO: Cat will provide the guest scholar with a formal letter of thanks, and payment will be made of the guest scholar’s honorarium via PayPal within two weeks of the MOOO.



Responsibility of the guest scholar

Before the MOOO: The guest scholar, after accepting the invitation, will suggest the topic for the MOOO, and provide three pieces of material to be shared with the participants. It would be appreciated if the guest scholar helped promote the MOOO.

During the MOOO: After being introduced by Cat, the guest scholar should have a short presentation on the topic to share with the participants, and a series of questions or talking points to help facilitate the discussion.


Responsibility of the participants

Before the MOOO: Participants will register for each MOOO they will like to attend and pay the offering fee (each MOOO is treated as a discrete event). Participants are expected to consume the three pieces of material as selected by the guest scholar and as shared to them by Cat. Participants will need to ensure they have the technological capability necessary to participate in the MOOO. It is encouraged that each participant reflect on their personal goals for engaging in the MOOO beforehand.

During the MOOO: Each participant will introduce themselves at the start of the MOOO, at the invitation of the facilitator. Participants are expected to engage in discussion on the topic of the MOOO, being respectful of other MOOO participants (including the guest scholar and facilitator).

After the MOOO: Each participant will be invited to complete a post-course survey; all feedback is greatly appreciated.


[1] Like a MOOC, but fat







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