Fat Studies Syllabi

SWP950: Fat Studies and Fat Activism

SWP950 Fat Studies and Fat Activism

Offered at Ryerson University Winter 2020

SOC 399-01 Fat Studies and Body Politics

Fat Studies and Body Politics Syllabus SP19

Offered at University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Spring 2019

Theatre R1B 31015: Performing the (Fat) Body

SP18 RIB Luna Syllabus

Offered at the University of California at Berkeley Spring 2018

Theatre R1A 21144: Fatness & Popular Culture

R1A Luna syllabus Fall 2017 updated 9-24-2017

Offered at the University of California at Berkeley Fall 2017

COM 300 Fat & Feminism

Syllabus COM 300 2019

Offered at Syracuse University 2016, 2017, 2019, 2022

WS 466/566 Fat Studies

WS 466-566 Syllabus

Offered at Oregon State University

Fat Studies

Syllabus (awaiting)

Offered at Dickinson College

230.392 Special Topic: Fatness and critical perspectives of health

230.392 Reading List 2015

Offered at Massey University in New Zealand in 2015

WSDB 398R Fat Studies and Feminism

Fat Studies and Feminism Syllabus

Offered at Concordia University Winter 2014

WOMN 207: Food, Fat, and Culture

WOMN-207-8-30-11 Syllabus

Offered at Lake Forest University Fall 2011

CUL234 Fat Studies: Panic, politics and embodiment

CUL324 Fat Studies Unit Guide 2011

Offered at Macquarie University in Australia in 2011