This is a running list of fat related podcasts; the information from each is directly copied/supplied from the podcast as found elsewhere online. Pls feel free to send me any that I am missing (or updated info)

Fat Girl Finds Love

Fat Girl Finds Love (March 2020-)     @exxxxtrafat      fatgirlfindslove.com

A fat girl who found love in a world that hates fat people. AKA How I went from being wracked with trauma and only dating and falling in love with addicts and people who were cruel and abusive to me, to having a great stable love life, personal life work and family life while struggling to run a biz and be a solo mom. I’m not perfect and I definitely have a lot to say. Personal stories, interviews, tools, tips and connection focused on fat love, fat sex and fat relationships.

Fat Chat (Dec 2019-)

Your weekly plus size serving of frank, honest and often hilarious body confident chat! Listen to George from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust, Hayley from Curves & Curls and Rivkie from SLiNK Magazine discuss all the things you text your best friend about. Join the conversation on social media – @fatchatpod.

Fat. So? (Oct 2019 – )

When you’re fat you feel so different, because everything about the world (from chairs and clothes to doctors and dating) is designed to tell you that you’re wrong, you don’t belong, it isn’t OK to be in the body you have. And then you meet someone who just gets it. Which is what happened to Pallavi and Ameya.

Plenty of belly bumps, loads of booty jokes and much ranting in frustration at chairs with arms later, the Fat. So? Podcast was born.

Ameya and Pallavi discuss being fat—the pain, the joy, the learning, the dark humor and the silver lining. They discuss body image, societal norms, working hard at self love, failing at weight loss, loneliness, food, love and sex! Tune in alternate Sunday evenings to hear them talk their way out of the maze into the brave new world of loving yourself.

Fat Chat (Sept 2019-)

What’s it like to be fat? What intricate details about life as a fat person do you need to know? Where can you find these answers? Definitely not on the Fat Chat Podcast because we aren’t experts. Hang out with two fat guys (and guests) for discussions about weight, food, things that annoy us and pretty much anything we feel like talking about. Tune in for the Fat Chat Podcast every Thursday!

Fierce Fatty (Sept, 2019 – )


Fat Outta Hell (Previously known as Fat Chat) (June 2019-)   @fatouttahellpod    linktr.ee/fatouttahell

Join us (Jessie Oliver and Makeda Loney) as we demystify the fat experience through discussions of sex, art, swimwear and each other! We try to keep it light, but it can definitely get heavy. So come with us!

The Big Fat Gay Podcast

The Big Fat Gay Podcast (2019-) @bigfatgaypod  bigfatgaypod.com

Talking about issues that fat people and their admirers face in relationships, media, and society. Dan and Trevor (chaser/chub) bring expert opinions on the subjects while Dan and Michael (chub/chaser) bring anecdotal experience and lots of questions. Two chubs, two chasers; two Millennials, two Gen-Xers; two experts, two laymen. A well-rounded bunch!

Matter of Fat (Oct, 2018 – )

Matter of Fat is a body positive podcast with Midwest sensibilities.

Co-hosts Cat and Saraya highlight community voices with a lens on body size, body positivity, & fat liberation.

They feature Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota events during their segment The Fat Dish, interview Midwesterners and those traveling through to hear peoples’ stories as a Matter of Fat, and dive into body positivity and pop culture in the Dirt and Discourse.

Fat Chicks on Top (June, 2018 – )

Fat Chicks on Top is a podcast about intersectional fat chicks.

Heavy Conversations (June, 2018 – )

Join Bruce from Chubstr and Jody from Bear Skn for a new podcast, Heavy Conversation with Bruce and Jody. The Heavy Conversation podcast discusses the issues many plus size people deal with every day. From finding clothes that fit, to dating, to the myth that fat people can’t be active – we’re taking on each topic and offering tips and solutions.

Fat as Fuck (Feb – March, 2018)      @FatAFPodcast     fatasfuckpodcast.com

Fat As Fuck is a podcast about fat and sex. Yes, fat people have sex. And we’re going to talk about fat sex, including fat pornography, fat sexual stigma, fat sexual mechanics (which makes me picture Glenn Marla in a mechanic’s overalls)…and much more!

Fatty Boom Boom (Jan 2018 – )

Fatty Boom Boom is a podcast about all things fat in Africa and the diaspora.

She’s All Fat (Sept, 2017 – )

The podcast for body positivity, radical self love, and chill vibes only.

Friend of Marilyn (Aug, 2011 – )

Fatcast (April, 2010 – Sept, 2013)

A series of informal conversations about fat acceptance and body politics between Lesley Kinzel and Marianne Kirby.